What started in a small kitchen in the heart of upstate New York in the late 90's was inspired by extensive travel to exotic places like Helsinki and Stockholm, Rio and Reykjavik, Seattle, Sydney and Seoul. I ate in some of the best restaurants around the world and admittedly some pretty bad ones too. It was great fun learning new cultures, tasting combinations of unique ingredients and trying novel cooking techniques all while making many new friends. But like all good things, my travels came to an end; it was time to get back home and in touch with old friends and nurture my growing family.

Follow Your Passions...
Getting off the road was a bittersweet experience. I missed the pace of hopping from city to city but I gladly exchanged it for free time... time to savor the simple pleasures life offers... time to take better care of myself, my wife, my kids and my friends. Time to live life with gusto and do the things I always wanted to do. In short, the clock was ticking - it was time to get cooking!

Having been around kitchens for years, a side benefit of my travels was exposure to the best ingredients the world offers. I experienced unique flavor and texture combinations from distant lands. While traveling, my sense of curiosity and adventure prompted me to ask questions. I took all of these experiences while reworking some of my family' s favorite recipes and formed the basis of a yet-to-be published cookbook, a television pilot,"The Guyfood Show" and a smattering of food products.

Custom Mixing and Baking...
Rather than carefully crafting a business plan, over the past ten-plus years we made our favorites recipes the Guyfood® way and offered them in the marketplace to an overwhelmingly positive response! Today, by taking a slow, metered approach, Guyfood® is a blossoming niche business run by a father and son team. Using the very best ingredients possible, we make, bake or mix small batches of truly incredible tasting brownies and baked goods; fragrant spice mixes, sauces and salts; cold brewed coffee and ice cream that ensure high quality and freshness that our customers'appreciate and deserve.

What Floats our Boat...
Taking to heart my mother-in-law's philosophy, "if you're going to eat something bad, make it really good!", we use the highest quality ingredients in our products. Nothing is more disappointing than that first bite into a tempting dessert - that sadly lacks flavor. We love creating tempting food that tastes really good from the first bite to the last; food that satisfies a craving with a healthy-sized portion. Our customers discern the difference high quality ingredients make in our products. We derive happiness from watching our customers try Guyfood® for the first time, flashing us that "Boy-oh-boy,that's good" look. We love converting people to Guyfood®.

We're happy to have you browsing our site. We hope you try our products - you'll be glad you did.